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"The Very Best of the Best" Success Series

Revised and Updated by JMW for the Today's Reader

The greatest books are evergreens, whether they offer drama or direction. We have swept like a gold-detector through the classics that are considered the cornerstones of today's wildly successful business and personal self-help movement. What we've chosen is simply the Very Best of the Best. The books in this Series have been completely revised, updated, modernized and edited for the 21st century and each title contains a new Foreword that places the book in its contemporary context.

Each book in this Series consists of two of the most popular books by the same well-known author combined in one volume, which means added value to the publisher as well as the reader.

The author of each title in JMW Group's "The Very Best Of The Best" Series is amongst the world's most highly regarded and influential authors of self-help and motivational books. These timeless best sellers are full of great wisdom and grand style. In some instances they are even more meaningful now than they were when they were first written.

The Best of the Best Series' Titles

How to be Rich

By: James Allen, Arnold Bennett, Robert Collier, Theron Q Dumont, Napoleon Hill, Christian D Larson, Orison S Marden, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Julia Seton, Ralph Waldo Trine and Wallace D Wattles

Your Guide to Success and Happiness

Contains choice excerpts from the best motivational and prosperity material ever written.

James Allen Titles

Theron Q. Dumont Titles

The Power of Concentration and Personal Magnetism

Arnold Bennett Titles

How To Live On 24 Hours A Day/Friendship and Happiness/Married Life

Julia Seton, M.D. Titles

Science Of Success/Concentration: The Secret Of Success

Helpful Thoughts/The Key To Wealth, Health And Love

Ralph Waldo Trine Titles

In Tune With The Infinite/ What All The World's A Seeking

The High Power Of Mind And Spirit/The New Alignment Of Life

The Winning Of The Best/ Character Building Thought Power

William Walker Atkinson Titles

Secret of Success/ Thought-Force in Business And Everyday Life

Mental Fascination/ Mind Power: The Secret Of Mental Fascination

Practical Mental Influence/ Memory: How To Develop, Train And Use It

Your Forces And How To Use Them/Mastery Of Fate

Brains And How To Get Them/Great Within